Full Name Final Fantasy VIII Disc 2 of 4 [U] [SLUS-00908].7z
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I wonder why the second picture is approved,because it is not belong to FF8 but to FF9.
Meh, you honestly expect us to know what every single game looks like? Aren't they similar enough that it can pass?
Truly I don't expect.That's why I'm leaving the comment, so to supply information to improve this site and not criticize.
I really like this game
Good geame
Good game.
When a psx iso has been downloaded do l burn it to cd and play or do l need to do something else to it.. thanks
The Final Fantasy IX screen is bizarre as hell. It's very different from VIII. The only real similarity is that they are turn based RPGs. Different world, characters, graphics, time period, battle system, etc. Some of the other ones are just crappy stock shots found on Google Image. Having said that, this game is a classic. Awesome stuff.