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Full Name G-Darius [U] [SLUS-00690].7z
Filesize 340.8 MB
Region USA
Downloads 36723
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Exelent Game
If you like R-type Delta.... youll like this game too
Shoot smaller hyperbeams with your own hyperbeam to get maximum power. (Don't shoot bigger hyperbeams as the enemies have the same effect.)
This game was great back when I was growing up. I loved the mode where you only fight bosses, mainly because it had infinite lives. ;)
I remember this game when I was a child :D I must download and play again!
I Love this game
A great entry in the Darius series of shmups---Think of it as the 3D counterpart to the Saturn's 2D Darius Gaiden---Beautiful backgrounds really show off what the PS1 could do back in the day---Challenging shooter with a branching path structure set up for level choice---Each stage ends with a massive boss fight---ISO plays solid but I had some issues with sound occasionally---Other than that a fantastic game---Great download.
Rich Graphics Great Action and what could I say but a great title
Very good game