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Full Name Gallop Racer [U] [SLUS-00942].7z
Filesize 172.8 MB
Region USA
Downloads 30304
Can Download Yes



why i cant play the game? it's always closed by itself..:(( i really want to play this gaameee
at last i found the english version, im downloading it now.
this game is so cool. make me nostalgic
oh at last i found this's remembered me when i played it long-long time ago....have to play it again...
This game is so underrated, I played Gallop Racer for hours and hours in my younger days, and I didn't even have the US version, it was in Japanese and I still loved it. Now I found the US version in english, I am in heaven again and can't put it down again. It is so addictive, just one more race!
It's really too bad the horse breeding/racing genre isn't more popular in North America, because tecmo made me love it with this game. A must try for fans of any kind of simulation games.
I miss this game