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Full Name Gran Turismo 2 Simulation Disc [U] [SCUS-94488].7z
Filesize 406.3 MB
Region USA
Downloads 359889
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the difference between arcade and simulation is as follows: arcade: 2 player race, quick race, time trial, etc. basically you just race and have fun. simulation: buy cars, license tests, championship races, unlock features, etc.
what version is this??? version 1.0?? version 1.1?? or version 1.2??? can somebody tell me?? please.....
great game now lets play gran turismo 5 yeah
NICE GAME!!! no im wrong its not nice its ADDICTING AND GREAT!!! love the gameplay and love the mUsic! they just move u through! plus NICE CARS! 90% or 99% based on REAL LIFE!!! rounds and cars! lots of stuff... play this game! IM REALLY PICKY AND I STILL PICK THIS GAME AS ONE OF THE BEST racing GAMES IN PSONE :D it can really compete with ps2 games too but the graphics ^^
I finish my cash by washing my car when i was new to this game.
PSX is Playstation (the grey one) and PSOne (the small white one).
is psx playstin 1,2,3
I love so much this game...xD jaxjacobs...the car you talk about is the Escudo Pikes Peak version... :) I will never forget that car Best game ever
Loved this one. The number of cars that this game has is really sick! Playing this with a steering wheel really changes the difficulty. I like the Rally mode the best. If I remember right, Suzuki has a really good car thats great for rallying. ( Dont remember its name, its got a big spoiler )
guys thanxs for this rom i have search this game for a long time thanxs very mucho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
is this the cd that you can buy cars and other stuff because once i had this game my brother equiped a dodge viper so fast that you could not join any of championships
I like drive