Full Name Hoshigami - Running Blue Earth [U][NTSC-U] [SLUS-01375].7z
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This game has taught me the specific meaning of an RPG gaming , not even FF Tactics stands a chance against it one of a kind game
It's funny, people knock on this game for all of the wrong reasons, the primary reason why this game is bad is because it is SO unbalanced, it can either be very easy or very hard depending on your knowledge of it, but the story, artwork and music are so good, it's a damn shame.
Excellent, if comically difficult for beginners, get it if you love tactical rpgs.
Hehe just love a difficult rpg turn based game. One of the hardest but, beatable at the same time. finish the game as fast as you could. (tip)
Story is good.... Gameplay is somehat fun and challenging.... Leveling up is very time consuming taht can bore you enough...(like me =) 3/5
one of my favorites.. :)
wat kind of a game is it??