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Full Name Hoshigami - Running Blue Earth [U][NTSC-U] [SLUS-01375].7z
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Region USA
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this game is awesome, cause you can make your own ending
99 hours of gaming and i still not finish this game cause im making my mercenary climb the tower and gained lvl, and the good thing here is evertime you make a conversation you select your own pathway of journey
I like It... well the leveling is easy for me......... and it's better than ff tactics ( i kinda forget the game's name) and it have a good sttory line,chara, and ypu have many options in the spells or attacks
One of the best tactical RPG games I've ever played back at my good old high-school days. I remember my frequent visit to the first level of the first tower to level-up quickly by hitting an equally leveled comrade's head with minimal strength to get exp and dev while the enemies harmlessly attacking without scoring any hit or just giving 1 damage. (whoops!!... major powerleveling spoiler)
i think this is the best
Hoshigami one of my favorite game when i was 13 years old... :D even it's quite difficult for me in that time
wat kind of a game is it??
one of my favorites.. :)
Story is good.... Gameplay is somehat fun and challenging.... Leveling up is very time consuming taht can bore you enough...(like me =) 3/5
Hehe just love a difficult rpg turn based game. One of the hardest but, beatable at the same time. finish the game as fast as you could. (tip)
Excellent, if comically difficult for beginners, get it if you love tactical rpgs.