Full Name King's Field II [U][NTSC-U] [SLUS-00255].7z
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Region USA
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Great game!
Broken Iso. Does not work.
Gyromancy2 is very stupid. Both of the King's Field ISO's on this site work. Don't listen to him. :)
Game takes much patience, its a slow RPG. However, the story is well done and the game is relatively straight forward. You shouldn't need a guide unless you get really stuck. It can get challenging at times so when in doubt, train and level. When starting a new game i always level to around 10 fighting the plants. It can take a while but its worth it. You could always just use "PSX Emulation Cheater" to get max exp right away, but that gets boring. Oh and as with any RPG make sure you talk to people multiple times, especially after you reach new areas or gain new info. Sometimes NPCs will have more then just one thing to say, or in some cases sell.
listen Gyromancy2 your trying to open the ISO file you dont need to open it you play it right from their
Love this game. Do I burn it to CD or play on an emulator?