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Full Name Legend of Dragoon, The Disc 1 of 4 [U][SLUS-94491].7z
Filesize 188.9 MB
Region USA
Downloads 250819
Can Download Yes



really,., this is the best best best game i ever played,., amazing,., thanks romulation,.,.,
why can i extract it? Am having problem extracting it!!! Ex. I extracted disc one and then i get another .rar file then when try to extract it it gets an error!! Help!!
Love this game. It was this game that got me into the RPG genre when i played it when i was little. I played it through and beat it at least a dozen different times. I have 2 memory cards full of files on just this game in real life. Its also the only game i have ever kept so long. Ill probably never get rid of it. Love this game to death <3 too bad they never made a sequel. Always heard talk and rumors but that's all it ever came to be :(
best game ever. I had it for my actual playstation and I couldn't put it down. Best game I have ever played!
This is the best game i've ever played on PS! With the unique battle system, which is requires our reflect to match the timing to make combo. also the transformation.. and the story,, just great!
I own the Greatest Hits version of this game, really is a great game. I am just disappointed that when the game was translated to NA that they hacked a lot of content out of the game, not to mention to get enough currency to buy better items takes a long long time. Battle system takes some time to get use to, more so later on when you have higher rank additions(multiple hits with normal attack). This game has a unique story, sort of like a medieval fairytale. The game itself is pretty much linear though. If you like RPG's, you'll like this game.
hmmm seeing that this game has such great reviews ill give it a try then!!
yeah well it is one of the best rpg on the ps1.. sadly all the 4 part of the game are all corrupted! i wasted something like 200 point juste for having them... im really pissed off! so if any of you out there hasd the same problem, let me know
best rpg on playstation..worth playing
really worth to wait downloading
i heard this might come to the psn soon cant wait,one of mine favorite rpg for the ps1.
This is excellent!!!!!great game!