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Full Name Legend of Dragoon, The Disc 1 of 4 [U][SLUS-94491].7z
Filesize 188.9 MB
Region USA
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does anyone know if this works correctly? alot of people are having problems but many dont seem to be as well. hopeing someone can confirm or deny these said "glitches"
One of my favourite original PS games still. Kinda better graphics than FF7 too. 9/10
Can anyone confirm that this is playable past the "glitches"? I use ePSXe1.70 Thank you :] btw...unique battle system and an awesome RPG, played through it on psx quite a few years back
Not sure if anyone else is having the problem, but during the first Virage fight it locks on the enemies turn (in the volcano before fighting the pheonix thing).
this is one of my favorite rpg games of all time. i love the battle system and the great story line. a must play to rpg fans
If there's a bug, wouldn't that mean you won't be able to play past said glitches? That would be something you should care about imo if you like this game so much. Not sure if I want to download it now, bah. Too afraid to fall in love with it and glitch out.
Well i don't care if any bug in the disk 1 as long as i like the game...i only download this game and burn it to play this game in playstation.
This game is the greatest.. loved it from moment i played it, good story, the battle system was a bit tricky at first but with time, its a breeze....its realy sad that they dident make a sequel :( ... call me crazy but they made action figures of some of the characters an i bought them :3
Epic >:D
I looove this game so much but i hate that im stuck trying to beat the Grand Jewel (not enuf potions =/. )
Games like this is why I never got rid of my PSX. It sits on my desk plugged into my monitor. Every now and then, it gets a work out ;D
One of the Best RPG Game ever made. a real gem when most games are sports or just fighting. a great story line and extreme graphics make this game a must have for anyone. there were 3 great rpg game made for the psx Final Fantasy VIII and Chrono Cross and This game.