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Full Name Lost World, The - Jurassic Park [U][SLUS-00515].rar
Filesize 409.0 MB
Region USA
Downloads 28708
Can Download Yes



A friend of mine had this game, back in middle school. Some guy with wall-eyes, I don't remember what his name was. Anyway, from what I saw of this game, I wanted to play it. Then one day, years later, I found a beat-up copy while I was working at Goodwill. It never worked very well, and now I can't even get the damn thing to play on ePSXe, even after cleaning it. Guess this is my chance to try it.
good shit
Made an account just to download this game.
how do i play this wont open....
How can i play it? I open it but nothing happens...
never mind i figured out im just a little slow
i have a question that i hope some one can answer. when i downloaded the file and extracted the files there wanst a a cd image to play on my ps1 thing, there was 3 connect to internet files, can some one please like figure this out cause im have no clue on how to make it work
You begin the game as a compsognathus, then you will become a raptor, and a t-rex....
yea....this is that crap from ps1 where u are a smal dino ;/
lol it's a fake screenshot -.-
Great game
This is from the arcade version, not the ps1