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This is the first game in my life.
Best of all Mega Man X-Games!
Maybe old but it is still a great game.
Great Classic Game!
This game is fucking EPIC. I believe this was the last game that the original team that did the first three games of the X-series worked on. Before it was handed off to a bunch of douches that, in my opinion, ruined the series. This is the first MMX game that allowed you to choose between X or Zero to play through the game. Each character has very distinct playing styles, X - long ranged and Zero - close range. The voice acting is decent and the eye-pleasing anime cutscenes were, at the time, mouth watering to watch but now I see them as just too short and too far between. If you enjoyed the first three MMX games then you have no choice but to play this game to experience MMX at it's pinnacle in the series before a steep drop into the trash bin.
Well my opinion is that all megaman x series are great,but this one the x4 is best.Much of that comes from the Music-Gameplay combination.Anyway lets cut it out with all this mumbo jumbo and lets just say its a great game.The End!
Great game for megaman X fans. First one to hit playstation. Play through as Zero or megaman x. the boss explosion will blind you if you play in the dark. It is also the first megaman game with amine videos to tell the story. The cut scenes are nice but are some times confusing. take everyones advice and try this game.
Good game, but Megaman X6 is the Best