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Full Name Misadventures of Tron Bonne; The [U] [SLUS-00896].7z
Filesize 90.3 MB
Region USA
Downloads 28804
Can Download Yes



THIS GAME IS FUNNY AND AWESOME!!! :) It is a parody of sorts of Mega Man X (the RPG one), with great graphics and a hilarious storyline! Creative and fun! :) Uploading screenshots, see if they convince you to give this little gem a shot! :)
Like everybody else, the game freezes at the end of the first boss in the beginning of the game. But what I did to fix this problem was downloading the Eternal SPU Plugin 1.41 for a sound plugin. This sound plugin should help you continue the game and allowed me to continue the game. But, that's not the end of it. What also helped me was changing the file to a BIN. But you should make always backup of the original file before you do anything. Another word of advice is to use CDMage to repair the corrupted file. By doing this you'll fix most of the problems with the file. I hope this helps you to play this amazing game and the Emulator I am using is ePSXe 1.7.0.
hey bojak1135, go to youtube and type the problem and how to fix it. it works for me when i have a game thats does not work.
hey guys i'm unable to play the game because unless i skip all cutscenes i can't pause. if i do the game crashes. i was wondering if anyone else had this problem or knew how to fix it.
hey does anyone know what kind of ps emulator read this? i'm using psx 1.13 and its crashing by the time i reached the boss
why cant i download the game it keeps saying unknown filetype i downloaded winrar from
this game have problem... i cannot talk with robot...
i played it, repeatedly till I notice my disc went missing when I moved...its enjoyable but to those who want real action, play megaman legends instead.
anyone here able to actually play through the game? Because i heard this game crashes after the first boss or just pausing the game makes it crash
Nope this game is like a fun adventure game really no story to it.. so u can go ahead n play megaman legends 2 but this is really a fun game though.
Hi guys, I'm havin a problem with the game, like when i reach a place where there should be a cutscene the screen goes black, and i wanna ask, does this game have any relation to the story of megaman, I mean should I play it or just leave it and play megaman legends 2,
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