Full Name Monster Rancher 2 [U] [SLUS-00917].7z
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GREAT GAME except for the music that is played during the shooting stars of death because the part before Coltia (Colt) says whats wrong is sad but the part after that is just creepy and unnecessary . But other than that it is a great game!!!
How can i get a monster from a cd? in the shrine? the Disc Reproduction? pls tell me ... by the way.. its a great game... especially when you use the f1-f3 technique(^\_^) i never lose a battle even if the stats of the enemy is stronger.. ^\_^
Best Game ever!!! The game really has depth, since you really raise a monster to its fullest potential as if it were real. Best Played without cheats. Also, not to offend anyone but the screenshots aren't good, The pictures don't show the fun in the Game. And the last picture isn't even MR2 but the first Monster Rancher game.
Wondering the same thing as Zirnai. Has anyone figured out how to get a monter from the shrine? the game doesn't seem to react to the pc-s cd-rom drive. no matter what I insert the shrine still asks if it's correct that I insterted the MR2 disc. I unlocked worm, the sun dude and some two others. I'd love to try them out :((
Love this game :)) if you guys are using epsxe you can use the change disc option for monster reproduction.
Press escape then change disc when it asks you to change discs in the shrine
Thx I was wonding the same thing also GREAT GAME way better then pokemon
Man i love this game.. but one time i had a gaboo.... its healthy its hp are 989... i want to become 999 but... next day he died...