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Full Name Monster Rancher - Battle Card - Episode II [U] [SLUS-01178].7z
Filesize 67.8 MB
Region USA
Downloads 35496
Can Download Yes



Hopefully TECMO still remembers this gem and would some day revive it
T_T I love this battlecard game
Nostalgia, the greatest drug of them all and yet we LOVE the addiction
I absolutely love this game. It's a great TCG game based on one of the best game franchises, Monster Rancher. It's a really fun game even if you know nothing about Monster Rancher. I just wish my disc wasn't all scratched up.
I played this game over and over! Even if there was already an XBOX 360 or PS3 or Wii!!! This game is just that AWESOME!!!
Let's ask TECMO to do a remaster version
such a amazing game why can there be games like this still today?
Great game. One of the best TCG for the PSX. :D
I downloaded mine, what i did was right clicked the download link and "opened it in new tab" btw, this game is nice and i want to play this one again...without loosing !!! bwhahah!
Why cant i download this file?
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