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Full Name Need for Speed III - Hot Pursuit [U][NTSC-U] [SLUS-00620].7z
Filesize 333.2 MB
Region USA
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I loved this game before....UNTIL NOW! The Diablo SV car rules!!! Love this more than NFS: High Stakes. :)
Very good arcade-style racing game, similar in style and feel to the Ridge Racer series. I've found that with some racing games there isn't that much difference between using the D-pad or the analog stick, but not with NFS-3. The analog steering is very well done, and it is easy to brake into a "power slide". The graphics are great *for PS1*. The music tracks and sound effects are nothing special but just sit in the background. The gameplay is pretty decent, and there are perhaps 15 large, detailed tracks if you include the 'hidden' ones. Overall, well worth downloading if you are a racing fan.
Best need for speed i played next to need for speed high stakes