Full Name Ogre Battle - Ep.5 - The March of the Black Queen [U] [Limited Edition] [NTSC] [SLUS-00467].rar
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An old RTS game..... the art is not good but the story is good it have a lot of secret , even in the 1st stage
A somewhat unique game by Atlus, mainly a Real Time Strategy with Roleplaying elements. This was originally available for the SNES, and I would suggest checking it out on that platform before investing your points here. If the original doesn't tickle your fancy, the updated spell graphics in this "limited edition" aren't likely to count for much. If you'd like to experiment with some semi-high leveled units right at the outset, enter FIRESEAL when the game asks for your name.
I did try this game in snes but our characters have only one attack can anyone help me find out whether this game's characters have two attacks or not.
This is a fantastic game. The Playstation version is better than the SNES version in that you can set waypoints for your units to move them through a specific path instead of just moving in straight lines. There is so much depth to this game it is impossible to realize it all in just one play through. (Like if your high leveled units fight weaker units they start turning evil.. which could prevent you from upgrading them to a specific class or enable them to upgrade to another.) Every intelligent gamer should check out Ogre Battle. I've never managed to find another game anywhere like it. (The sequel is fun, too.. but its a tactics game like Final Fantasy Tactics instead of a strategic war game.) Oh, and if anyone has any problems or just wants to know all of the secret treasures I would recommend reading one of the FAQs from Gamefaqs.com or a site like it. Personally, I still have the strategy guide from when I bought this game over a decade ago.
One of the best games I've ever played. Graphics are awful by today's standards of course. But they were solid when it first came out. Story is interesting enough to keep you entertained. But the best part of this is the customization. With so many different possible class combination possibilities you can create and mold your armies in any way you want. I wish there were most games like this. If I hadn't already played through it 3 times (which is astronomical for me) I would be playing it again right now.