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Full Name Parasite Eve Disc 1 of 2 [U] [NTSC-U] [SLUS-00662].7z
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Region USA
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PSE 2 was one of the best games ever created!
I'm proud that I played it when I was young and I finish the game even if my aunt bought it in japan so the caption are all in japanese. With the help of cutscence and easy to understand game mechanics I only had a few hours of difficulty understanding everything that's happening in the game. I recommend this if you love RPS games it's awesome and the cutscene are somewhat not for those people whose easy to be scared. The sequel is awesome too but it loses almost all of the nostalgia that the first game brought to us but still try it though but I am not sure about the third sequel because it's more off a spin off than a sequel.
Can any1 help me!? I really love this brand, but I've just only finished "Parasite Eve 2", not yet this!!! I play on my PSx machine. But when I burn it with 8x speed, It can't be loaded. Please help me!!!
Great gameplay, great storyline, and of course, great character of Aya Brea. I like how the game made an effort to tell the player why Aya is a special character here - bit by bit, players are revealed with Aya's memories without negatively affecting the gameplay. A quite challenging game for those who are familiar with Final Fantasy games. There will be no magic or summoning, but Aya sure have her own power to prove her enemy that she's strong. Be sure to play twice to get two endings for this awesome game too!
Parasite Eve, What many refer to as SONY's 'Resident Evil' In truth the game is a follow up to the Novel and Movie by the same name. While this time taking place on Manhattan island in the USA rather than in japan. The events continue as Eve is once again born into the world, and attempts to procreate a new species of people. Little blurb, the Parasite Evil Novel and Movie predate The R.E. series. Review: A solid story that references back to the original happenings several times, done in brilliant Square Soft fashion. With Beautifully rendered CG cut scenes. And 3d rendered character's that do the console justice. An intuitive and powerful weapon modification system that over time can make amazing weapons compliments an active time battle system that doesn't rely on miss chance and instead gives you the player control over weather or not you will be hit. Letting you move through the combat zone to avoid being damaged. A unique system of special abilities based on Mitochondrial evolution rather than 'Magic' gives the game a great mechanic as your progress in the story. I highly recommend this title to both action and rpg fans alike. As it introduces elements of both, in a easy to handle manor. Puzzle/Suspense fans will have a good time with it too, as you need to use your brain to conquer some of the puzzles. For those who like extras This game delivers, with an EX-Mode that lets you take your favorite weapon with you into your next play through, and gives you a completely new area to run about it in that was not available before.
This is nice game but there is problem. Is any one knows how to insert disc 2 because when I played in disc one it said insert disc 2 when I want to play disc 2 it said insert disc1???!!!! I want to continue the game in disc2 but it doesn't work. please is anyone can tell me how I could continue my game in disc2???????
This game is cool but for some reason after I change from disc 1 to 2 noting happened. Can anyone tell me how to fix it?
This was one of the best titles I've ever played. Personally, I never liked the horror genre, but Parasite Eve's story and gameplay just completely took me in. After playing so many modern games, I decided to go back ten years and see if I could dig up a few buried jewels; this one didn't fail to disappoint. I've played through the game once, and I'm currently going on my second. I'm not bored yet, so hopefully nobody else will be. I just might take a look at the film adaptation. A lot of people didn't seem to like the sequel; I haven't played it, but hopefully it isn't as bad as people describe it.
Any of you feel the same way I do? I feel I've fallen in love with this game. Literally. You don't believe me? Read my comment on the second disc
If you like rpgs you will most likely like this game. It is worth the download.
I still have this game and my original PSX I use bring it out every now and then play it. untill my PSX and my PS2 wore out from playing them so much hahaha! Oh well. still a great game. =]
thanks! nice share.