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Full Name Resident Evil 2 CD 1 of 2 [U] [SLUS-00421].7z
Filesize 358.4 MB
Region USA
Downloads 38055
Can Download No



Runs great, besides I had black squares around alpha edges such as blood on the zombies and fire but was fixed with alpha emphasis turned off. Love this game, this was my favourite until I got code veronica x on ps2
Sh!t hot game
Excellent game
Shame this isnt downloadable anymore because its undoubtably one of the best PS1 games out there.
Excuse me I'm having a problem about the game when I choose the game nothing appears only black screen not even ps1 logo appeared
CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHY THE GAMES Cutscene audio is weird like its on a radio and tell me why it freezes on the gun shop? can someone send me there emulator or something. i need to play it. i played on my Xbox with emulator but got RROD. please give me a good emulator, OR ROM.
perfect game very real!!
belting game - the 2nd was among the best of all time. more weapons and overall experience was re-vamped. they could have at least remade this one too, gc's ressy 1 was brilliant imo
As residentfan15 mentioned, this game has some "hanging" issues in epsxe where it will often freeze and/or give a blank screen when switching rooms, camera angles, or even scrolling through pages in your files. It seems pSX runs it perfectly right out of the box though, for any who, like me, couldn't get it all that stable no matter how they futzed with the configuration. Hope that helps. Also, awesome game.
haaaaaaaaaaaaah nice
Can I burn this?