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Full Name Rival Schools [Arcade Disc] [U] [SLUS-00681].7z
Filesize 265.8 MB
Region USA
Downloads 28473
Can Download Yes



If you havent played Rival Schools, you have missed so much fun time. This fighting game has some extras to mantain you amused besides the fighting.
This is Capcom at their finest.I bought the game with my first paycheck and I left work at lunch and ran 10KM there and back to make sure I got it-in 30 minutes!!! Just a shame my old PS1 scratched it to bits.
Game tested and works 100%... good old days!
one of the best games i played when i was younger, if you haven't played this before, then its the time to try it out.
Game works greatly, gladly i have downloaded this quick. Sakura from street fighter is a playable character. meaning she is the only crossover character from capcoms SF series.
This is one of my favorite fighting games ever! I still play it today! I defenitaly recommend playing this game especially if you like fighting games.
whats the difference between arcade and evolution disc??
This game is hard to find I finally downloaded it. Plays so fast without any slowdown at all
This is truly a high class fighter:) Capcom may have finally made a 2.5 dimensional(if there's such a term)Street Fighter, but this is their true achievement of three dimensional fighter(and it has Sakura to make the connection between the two).I still play this game to this day.
Can anyone please give me a link to the arcade disc version of rival schools anyone?
This Game Is Class. I Remeber this Game When I With My friend From School We Use To Play This Game All Day
This game never ceases to amaze me. This was one of the gems of the original Playstation. As for the rom, it works pretty well, with small load times and fast gameplay. Excellent.