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Full Name Sim Theme Park [U][NTSC-U] [SLUS-01069].7z
Filesize 255.7 MB
Region USA
Downloads 29256
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I use to play this for hours! One of the best
Hey, estongdakila is right. Is there any way to fix that bowling ball dude? I really love listening to that guy. :)
Thank you for the game it is very good
Reminds me of my child era :) Love this game so much.
The game is great and is one of the better Tycoon games there is especially on the PSX. However I am experiencing a problem with this copy of the game because the narration of the creature thingy that supposed to tell you what you're gonna do gets cut off all the time. This hasn't happened to me in my PSX days. However, aside from that the game is playable and you can enjoy building coasters and rides and all that stuff and ride them too!
also known as "Theme Park World" in PAL regions I used to play that for ages,ages ago.
Great Game
Oops I just realised this isn't for ds. Anyway I'm still contented with having to play on my com! :P
Woah! I had this game on PC and now I can have it on my ds too! So cool!!!
I miss the Gold Ticket that flyby above your Theme park .
Thankyou for this uploader!
WOW! i used to have this! WOW it is SOOOOO amazing, i just love it when the little ANt man TalkS!