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Full Name Spice World [U][NTSC-U] [SLUS-00723].7z
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I thought I'd take a look back at this game considering I got this in a random pile of games back when I got my PS1 in 1998. Spice World has you remixing some of the music from the Spice Girls including music like Wannabe, Who Do You Think You Are, Spice up your Life it has about 8 songs in total. You also have to press the buttons in time with the music the problem with this game is it's just so dull and trying to remix the track is very limited only a few second samples with 9 pieces in total of the same track. Plus you had games like PaRappa the Rapper that originally come out in 1996 in Japan that played better as a rhythm game then this. The game also features interview segments from the Spice Girls which really isn't interesting at all it's pretty boring. This game was also developed by Psygnosis now known as SCE Studio Liverpool the developers known for the classic WipEout series I feel bad for them getting a trashy idea of a game like this to develop.