Full Name Suikoden [U][NTSC-U] [SLUS-00292].7z
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Region USA
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Great game i love the entire series
This is the game that got me into RPGs to begin with. If only real life had community building like the castle in this.
Suikoden series...one of my favourite game ever... good storyline...lotsa characters (108+) lots more things (items,runes,books) to collect! The arts is not that great....but the story and gameplay is worth to play... Complete this one...you can use your hero again on the sequel! 4/5
I played this game 3 times..but it is good
Great game. hehe
I press download and it come on to a blank page HELP
Please . i cant download this game . can u help me sir ? please answer this comment . thx before -
@vergil2nd: As far as I understand, anything that's bigger then 100 mb costs points to download, so if you have been DLing a lot lately, you are probably out of points. This is really big, so you will need to save up those 361 points, which will take a while (you get 50 points per day as a registered user).