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Full Name Team Buddies [U] [SLUS-00869].7z
Filesize 233.3 MB
Region USA
Downloads 254902
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This is a awesome game , its kinda like worms meets lemmings with a side of hogs of war add in the puzzle aspect and you have a great game also the remind me of those crazy "BEAN" things that have been out for a couple years or so.
Yeah, this game is a classic. it's a great party game where you can just get a few players together and blow each other up in nonstop action
And a lot of weapons and skins, but I hate the time limit mode.
This game is great !
Yeah! This game is so fun !!
Can't ask a game better than this!!!!
Um the download link is messed up can some1 help me
It's a good game . we can makes weapons, allies. it's fun