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Full Name Twisted Metal 2 [U] [SCUS-94306].rar
Filesize 496.5 MB
Region USA
Downloads 36681
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This game reminds me of some real good times. Thank you
how do i burn this to a dvd? anyone?
modded psx or ps2 needed cd only not dvd
This game really brings some destruction right into your organs. Real stuff!!!
Thank muito bom o game!!!!!!!
best game
The best game on PSX. (Opinion from Russia)
A great game, brings back lots of memories from my teens, i do have to say though that if your planning on playing this through the Epsxe emulator with all the graphics turned up you will be dissapointed. For some reason it just loses some of the magic and ruggedness that it has when played on a PSX on a telly. Just isnt the same on you PC!
i downloaded it can someone please reply now what do i do it finished downloading now wear do i go to play it!
This games was a legend 4 me..its great to play it back after very2 long time.........................:-)
one of my favorite games for playstation. spent countless hours owning my friends. the multiplayer can be very competitive - plus the coop play
thanks a lot ! finally, i have got it !!! love this game ^^
This is a game I remember fondly from my childhood. Spent many an hour playing this with some friends. This one is probably my favorite Twisted Metal title. It's got great maps, a good variety of characters to use.