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Full Name Twisted Metal - Small Brawl [U] [SCUS-94642].7z
Filesize 181.4 MB
Region USA
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Nice game..
Calypso: You think I'm afraid of a silly water pistol? Agent Stone: No... but SHE is. -shoots water at cat-
will this work on the ds
it's a very good game indeed. out of the gloomy and deadly atmosphere form Twisted Metal 1 to 4 (especially 1 and 2, with 2 being the best of the PSX era) anyway, sorry for the bad english (I'm from Brazil), but Small Brawl is a very amusing game, i would recommend it as an introduction to the Twisted Metal world.
i love this game i remember i unlocked mime, trapper and piecemeal
TW IN RC CARS! this is fun love the mini-golf arena.oh and funny endings, especially Agent Stone(Crimson Fury), Mr.Grimm, Officer Robert (outlaw), Mortimer (shadow), Spectre Especially that one, Sweet Tooth, Twister and Warthog.
Is it worth downloadin
Man i used to love this game. But it gets really repititive.