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Full Name Valkyrie Profile Disc 1 of 2 [U] [SLUS-01156].7z
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Region USA
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this is one of the best enix games iv played has a solid story line
I have Valkyrie covenant of the pulme for DS and I liked it so now I'm going to download this so I know where It came from. Hopefully it'll be worth the download.
Best game ever, period. Settle down, I'll validate that fact: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night damn near all Zeldas GoldenEye for N64... I mean, I love the best of the best for a reason... this game is the best at what it does~ which is combo the ever loving crap out of everything you see ^_^ love it~
marvelous an epic and wonderful history, incredible soundtrack and amazing gameplay one of my favorite games
this game sucks!!!this game is very confusing!!!
Great game I really want to play this game for a long time now
a liitle tips for all of you...dont ever using other sound plugin except epsxe sound plugin....or it will frezee sory for my bad english....
Nibelung Valensky - supreme quality i tell you.