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Full Name Valkyrie Profile Disc 1 of 2 [U] [SLUS-01156].7z
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sickest game ever! anyone know hwo can i play this after i download it? need help here... =)
@drtytech: After killing the vampire, you have to backtrack your way back to the beginning of the dungeon (the first save point you encounter). After a dialog session, launch two crystals at the wall to the left in order to "climb" your way to the top and jump out of the huge gap in the ceiling.
wooooooooooow this is great rpg game the characters and adventures are awesome
did anyone had problems burning and playing this game on a console? mine only shows the ps1 logo then nothing just goes blank afterwards
Dang, i miss this Game One of the first and best Game ever released by Enix (now SquareEnix)
Thanks for the game i like it..thank you romulation...but i somehow dont know how to achieve points?? can someone help?
really nice game!
THhis is of the best in PS 1 =)