Full Name XenoGears Disc 1 of 2 [U] [SLUS-006.64].7z
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Good game
It freezed my game i dont know if its the game or the emu that has a problem
These files work fine, use Epsxe 1.70, with bios SCPH1001.bin, Don't ask me where to get one. Look up Pete Bernet, He is the creator of the Graphics plugin gpuPeteOpenGL2.Dll I find this is the best one for me to use anyways, I like this plugin because you can use Shaders to modify the Graphics, As for sound I recomend Eternal SPU Plugin 1.41 then Configure it to _Audio Device direct sound, buffer size 40.) Audio out method SPUasync async mode: smooth) Misc, Just have wait for XA buffer is free checked off, Fine tune 0, Reverb: set to Lori's Special game fix Check off update before accessing register Oh one more thing, It took me alot of tinkering, like a few hours of going in and out of the game adjusting my personal setting for the graphics plugin to get them just where I like them. You may also have to adjust the graphics controller in control panel aswell as the graphics plugin.
Good game! still have my last save from my memory card
I own this game. its long but good. has great mix of 2D and 3D elements in the game. gameplay is not restricted to just choosing a type of an attack but rather combinations. OH and the gears are cool too.
Best game I have ever played and most remembered game as a child. I played a lot of RPGs (rented them) and this is by far my favorite. If you like RPGs or just a good game then you have got to play this. Makes me smile everytime I start playing.
I can't forward my game at the part when sigurd and jessie have a few drinks. it's supposed to lead to a cutscene where Billy joins you but nothing happens. I'm completely stuck at this part
Xenogears is a great game (especially the battle using the Gears). However, what disappointed me was the Disc 2 whis is kinda 'rushed' in the making.