Full Name Yu-Gi-Oh! - Forbidden Memories [U] [SLUS-01411].7z
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Very good, everybody tries it
It is a fun game.
I love this game as same as the Yu-Gi-ho cartoon
Oi! biox it's not a Cartton it's an Anime and it's spelt Yu-Gi-Oh! not Yu-Gi-Ho
Haha! Yu-Gi-Ho!
Wouldnt work for me i got a red circle thing this happened to me with a disk on my ps too :\
I remember playing a game like this and it was confusing, maybe if im older i might like it , TY!
Bjsterilite and STON3Y420 i had the same problem with Dino Crisis 1 the problem is caused by your PS1 / PS2 chip because most chips aren't perfect so the chip can't get through the defenses of the disc try playing it on ePSXe cus that worked for me