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Full Name Godzilla Unleashed (U)(PreCiSiON).rar
Filesize 1.76 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
Downloads 36543
Can Download Yes



this can be played with mouse and keyboard?
if you configure your emulator to use a mouse and keyboard, yes.
The Godzilla PS4 game is better but this game is great!So many characters to play with!!plus,it has 2/3 modes to fun play with it!!!
This wont work on usb loader
Supposed to be one gig. Ended up losing 4 in the download. Deleted half way through.
The .zip is 1 gig. The .ISO is 4.4 Gigs
Guys this will work on Dolphin 4.0 without glitches
This is are my lucky day,i can play this game no glitches.The iso works perfectly.Thank you very much!!!!!!
Jeez, the game is awesome! but WOW! i can't get the download to go faster! it's going at like 30.0 kb/s! Someone help! Other than that, the game is great. 9/10
Great game. The ISO works perfectly, with little to no glitches. If you play on Dolphin 3.0 it works perfectly, if you play on Dolphin 4.0 and above, the audio will skip.