Full Name Just Dance 2017 - WBFS version.rar
Filesize 3.91 GB
Region (USA)
Downloads 53749
Can Download No


Anything wrong with the game? Doesn't work for me....
same problem here. it gets to the reading disk screen and locks up. And i have to reset the whole system. did you get any help getting this fixed?
which region?
pal or ntsc?
ntsc of course
impossible to load on WBFS 3.0 do we have something special to do ?
nope, try using WiiBackupManager. :D
its from the future?
released October 2016
Does it work?
Yes, played it for like 4 hours straight... hoo boy, the sweat that dropped out of every pore. first day that I played it, in the middle of a song, it would freeze for like 30 secs. Not anymore, after like 4 days
it's daimondtools ?