Full Name Just Dance 2017 - WBFS version.rar
Filesize 3.91 GB
Region (USA)
Downloads 53828
Can Download No


If you download this game and try to play it it will never play. The reason why is when it was uploaded the name was not in the proper format. If you put this game on a HDD in USB Loader GX it will not show up on your channels at all. To fix that problem and get the game to play you need to do the following renaming! Rename the original file name of: Just Dance 2017 - WBFS version to this new name of: Just Dance 2017 [SZ7E41] make sure that you do not mess up the .wbfs file extension of the name on the end and it will work just fine. I am running it on USB Loader GX 3.0 R1262. I really love this new version because all of the wiiware games will show up not like the 48 channel limit that NEEK2o has and they all will play with a NEEK2o 96 setup. God i love that NEEK2o and USB Loader GX I am running a 4.1U and a 4.1U NEEK2o setup. I hope this will help someone out!! Eagle_916
thanks man. after i renamed it the game worked perfectly :D
This game is working. it is necessary to enforced NTSC system.
Couldn't get this game to load into WBFS Manager 3,0. Did anyone have any luck with this file? Thanks
Needs IOS250 (base 57) (maybe force NTSC/NTSC408p) but most importantly set the game language to english if you still get a black screen but your wiimote is not blinking but connected.
Use WiiFlow for the best experience, USB GX loader is crap. Doesnt load most of the games properly by the app itself, so WIiFlow is the best option, it includes everything you need. ITS PERFECT. (not sponsored, btw :P)
if the game always reading at middle of song what can I do for solve that
Can somebody help me please when i open it on usb loader GX ..... and try to play it there is a BLACKSCREEN and i nothing can do! Hopefull some help me!!!
Hi there, I've put it on my HDD via WiiBaxkUpManager 0.4.5 Build 78. On USBLoaderCFG I see the game and I can load it. But it freeze on Blackscreen. What can I do to fix this problem. I've got a PAL system.
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