Full Name Mario Kart (U)(QwiiF).rar
Filesize 2.78 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
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lol i tried using the wii wheel
I could get gold on all cups, even mirror. Why? Because I just did!
The game is fun. Not the best Mario Kart, but it's still great because it's Mario Kart. What else can I say? The ISO is legit.
Mario Kart wii is awesome!!
Great game! That is all...
Along with Excite Bots, this is one of the greatest racing experiences on the Nintendo Wii. Great character line up, Many new levels and re-mastered classic levels and heaps to unlock! If you are a Nintendo or Mario fan, this is a must have, but it's also a must have if you own a wii and need a multiplayer game to play when you have friends or family over. Best played with a classic controller or gamecube controller if you have one, while the nunchuck and wii mote together work alright... I find the Wii mote alone with or without the racing wheel controls terribly and its only there for the motion gimmick. Add this one to your Wii collection, you will be sure to even come back and visit it in years time when you get the Nostalgic feels.
realy not bad