Full Name New Super Mario Bros (U)(HaZMaT).rar
Filesize 538.8 MB
Region USA
Downloads 168667
Can Download No


The first screenshot is probably from New Super Mario Bros U for the Wii U.
how to paste and cope
NO it isnt
its from 3rd level from NSMBWii
This is for nintendo ds not for wii
Actually, I downloaded this, and it WAS for Wii.
but its a .rar file so its unusable
dont be dumb, its a .rar u extract it with 7-zip
Oh dear, I read your comment and part of my died... .RAR is just a compression format, much like .7z and .ZIP. All of these need to be decompressed before use.
you killed the left side of my brain with this comment...
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LAMN Joke Boot aah
no it isnt just download 7 zip
Don't listen to them, this file is for the Wii, works great on USB Loader GX. Game-play is the same as the version on the DS except that are new cool power-up shrooms and maps.
I downloaded this iso to have a backup file of the game to play on my wii and after the first few maybe 10 minutes of playing the game it comes up with the error that comes up when a disk is not able to be read. since i was playing it from my usb on my wii it made me wonder why is it that the other games i downloaded from here and put on the usb worked but this didn't the only thing i can think of is that the iso is one created from a disk that was already messed up before they backed it up on the computer if i'm wrong could someone please comment on this and tell me if their's works on their wii through usb or not and if you know why it doesn't work and i'm wrong on that then could you please correct me.
i'm having this same issue, did u resolve it?
Do you have any ciOS'es installed?
works fine with WiiFlow
Here to confirm this is iso works on USB Loader GX as well.
lol best website
Awesome game, that is unless you`re not a fan of the Super Mario Bros...
Thanks a lot for sharing