Full Name Sonic Colors (U)(dumpTruck).rar
Filesize 3.87 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
Downloads 249520
Can Download No, need membership to download more than 200MB


Great game. Definitely one of the better 3d sonic games alongside generations.
I have a feeling it's not good file as well. I downloaded it overnight, but 7zip had an "unexpected end to archive" so this is a problem or it could just be bad luck on my part that some problem occurred between download and extracting.
it just didnt download fully
Any luck redownloading and extracting?
Yeah I downloaded it too and the exact same thing happened. But I re-download it and it fully works.
same here
I have a wii but my little sister stuffs CD's into it so i can't insert adisk like colors
I agree with crimsonenigma. Its a great game that is just as good as the classic sonics.
Can't someone make it smaller (the size) to be at least 1 gigabyte?
It really can't, compression has it's limits and it would probably only go down to 2.8 gigabytes, plus the chance of corruption.
They Aren't I Don't Know Whats Happening to You #SonicBoomIsReallyGood