Full Name Sonic and the Black Knight (U)(REV0).rar
Filesize 3.57 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Perfect (Details)
Downloads 63560
Can Download No, need membership to download more than 200MB


i tryed to download this and then tryed to play this and it said error waste of points
@Reuben_Melo Dude, two things: 1. Fix your english (game told you it was a waste of points lol). 2. The game works. I had no issues (used Dolphin).
I love it when other people tell you to fix your english... Ever bothered to speak a foreign languate and not suck at it? Fuckwit!
Are you using the cfg USB loader? The latest one. If so it should work.
i love this game its a fun game to play
Yes it is,better than on the real wii
this was the first game i got from this site and it did not work, got to loading screen and just gave out using cfg usb loader which sucks cuz i put so much into my hard disk copy but sister broke it when wii fell and trapped the disk inside
Use Neogamma it works better at loading wii games off a usb I use it and the games run pretty darn good. I downloaded Super-mario galaxy from this site and it works like a charm.
Also don't use usb-loader gx I tried and that application sucks. If you want to download this try looking on Wiibrew.org and it should have a utilities menu and other menus as well trust me its worth it also look on youtube if you want Neo-gamma thats how I got Neo-gamma on my wii. Also I have a nintendo gamecube loader to that works well.
If you do not have a wii remote, Dolphin use-your-arrow-keys-for-wii-mote-movement exists, just go to wiimote and configure!