Full Name Super Smash Bros Brawl (U)(WiiZARD).rar
Filesize 6.90 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
Downloads 415549
Can Download No


The most accesible smash bros game to date for me...fun to play and a blast for multiplayer.Definitely recommended for casual and hardcore gamers out there
I havent downloaded this game yet, yet i saw a review for it once, and i had it at a time. this game is by far the Super Smash Bros Elite, the best of them by far. thank you nintendo. i love this game.
thats pretty cool bro!
not the best smash game *cough*Melee/4*cough* but it is one of the easiest to play.
BEST GAME EVER!!! This is actually the reason I joined! My favorite game for the Wii, and is in my list of top favorite games ever.
thx now i can play project m this game is very awesome and not lag on my emulator 64mb video 2gb memory and 380 hd
you know those specs suck right so why would u try to brag about it?
to show that the game can be played on an oversized calculator. Duh.
oversized? my calculator for 10$ is smarter then his furnace
hope i can run it skyrocket i7 gtx 980ti 12gb ram
It seemed to work on my friend's unit and I can't wait to play it!
I cant wait 4 the new super smash bros for wiiU and 3ds
oddly the 4 is ok
Or you can simply wait until you have sufficient points? if you'd read the introduction guide you'd know you get points for free every 24 hours.
oh my pootis XD (pootis is a meme)p.s this game rocks
I cringe at the 2 brain cells you have.
I think it is one brain cell. Not that smart.
This is why I love the comments section.