Full Name Animal Crossing (U)(OneUp).rar
Filesize 1.35 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Perfect (Details)
Downloads 11779
Points After -1185 (200 - 1385)


wow, romulation surprises me. now i dont even have to go to those forum download websites anymore. thanks! :D
this game is good but can get boring fast, most time of the year theirs nothing to do and when there is something you have to be on time or its gone for the whole year. but ti is a good kiddie version of the sims
Excellent, I Never Knew Romulation Had Nintendo Gamecube Roms! Animal Crossing Is A Must Have :)
This game can really get boring at times, other times im more confused then having fun but it is a classic.
RomU just recently got these gamecube ISO's up, and they're collection is looking good so far. I would download this if I didn't already have the game. :P It's pretty fun for the first few times you play it, yes. Then the fun starts to expire, but hey, it's something. For those who are curious, this is a remake of the Japanese version which came out for the Nintendo 64.
I rented this game back when it came out, and after my rental expired I went to the store and bought it. If you enjoy this game, or would like to try it, I highly suggest the Nintendo DS Animal Crossing game - its a much lighter download and has even more substance IMHO.
Wow. This game was not compressed correctly. It should only be about 16 MB at most.
No it shouldn't, this is not a game rip.