Full Name 3504 - Avalon Code (U).7z
Filesize 58.1 MB
Region USA
Downloads 16761
Points After 142 (200 - 58)


Please keep comments about the game, do not comment on "yay thanks I was waiting for this" or "thanks romulation!" If you have something to say about the game itself, then please do post!
The main hero looks like Paul McGann.
Yay thanks I was waiting for this! Thanks romulation! Nah just kidding. I played the begining of the japanese version and i couldn't get very far but with everything in english this should be much more fun and easier. Can't wait till my download is ready. BTW: Does this game have a piracy check or something?
The book system thing in Avalon Code look very interesting
The gameplay looks rather unique. I'm really interested in how the book is used in gameplay. I tried the Japanese version for a bit, but I ended up not getting to far. Decided it would be best to wait. Also any anti-piracy measures use in this?
Does it have an anti piracy measure?
I'm just wondering, but this game's Japanese version was 128 mb. The ENglish version is signicantly less, why is that? Is there a problem? Or is this a new way of compressing?
Link to a gameplay-trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmsin\_KgCh4