Full Name NES Archive
Filesize 221.0 MB
Region Multiple
Downloads 7173
Can Download No


Wow! Thank you so much.
how to use it? emulator cannot search it
http://7-zip.org/ install that to open the 7z file and extract the ROMz
Extract it first. -_-
*_* thanks for this cool game...
2F44740A7BCC88C3AD3D292BAF4A2392 NES.7z ^^^ MD5 Checksum
when you go into the folder of a certain game, theres a bunch of choices.. whats the differences between them?
TY TY NiCE !!!
Did Play this of the 3ds?
It says I have to many active connections. Does that mean I need to use premium to download the NES game collection?
Fine if compiling it into one big file makes things easier, but it says restricted and I can't download. Either I need a premium account which is unlikely considering how many other games I can download, or that some of the games have been filed for copyright rendering the entire compilation useless. Please fix this and either remove the copyrighted games or allow us to download each game individually again.
the takedown notice covered the entire archive.
sweet upload mate keep up the good work!!!!