Full Name SNES Archive
Filesize 1.76 GB
Region Multiple
Downloads 9129
Can Download No


Uh... what is this?
Because the .rom files are so small it was easy enough to just zip them all up into one file. unzip and you'll have hundreds of game ISO's in their own folders.
Anyone know what this is? Is it a collection of ROMs? If so, details would be awesome...
yes it is
Sweet !!! THX!!
sorry y wass of mal umor
This is awesome :) Thank you so much!!!
every rom for the system?
So is they're no longer a way to get them individually? I wanted only a game or two times take on a trip and this will eat up my mobile data.
good idea!!!
how many games are in it and are any of them good???
It made so much easier to put roms on psp
wish they enable resume for big file, getting d/c after 83% = sad.
Our server does and always has supported resume. You need to be using a download manager that complies with the HTTP Resume Spec. Browser download managers do not.
I thought it was 1 mb not 1 GB, jeez...
Number roms ?
In the collection of SNES Roms, I believe there are at least 600 to 750 total roms. As soon as i find out for sure, that's my guesstimation.
I wish there was still a way to download each rom individually. With my slow internet, I can download a single rom within seconds but it'll take me an hour to download them all.
Are these snes roms playable on ps2?
If your PS2 is modded and you have a snes emulator that runs on ps2, then yes, otherwise no.
why have snes downloads become restricted ?