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  • Full Name: All-Star Baseball 2000.7z
  • Filesize: 14.9 MB
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  • Genre: Unspecified
  • File Type: 7zip Archive
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  • Points After: 60 (75 -15)
  • Downloads: 830

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  • It would have to say that this was an interesting game. It was kind of dry; but those qualities you cannot blame on anything other then the fact that you are looking at it some ten years after its realese. For an N64 baseball game it is alright.

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  • Avatar Deleted 2009-07-05

    This sequel to 99 is leaps and bounds beyond what it's previous installment was. Everything from the menus to the gameplay has been streamlined and updated to look and function much better than it had last year. The graphics and sound are much better with commentating now taking place on the plays at the plate by announcers. The gameplay itself seems improved as well with a better defined control interface that makes the game much better than the last. This is a vast improvement over the previous one and is a great baseball title on the N64.

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