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  • Full Name: 3504 - Avalon Code (U).7z
  • Filesize: 58.1 MB
  • Region:
  • Genre: Unspecified
  • File Type: 7zip Archive
  • File Tags: None
  • Points After: 17 (75 -58)
  • Downloads: 16699

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  • For those of you who do not know what avalon code plays like:

    "The Book of Prophecy is your main tool in the game. You travel around

    the world hitting every person, monster, plant, and weapon you see with

    the book. Once you hit something it gets a page in your book. On this

    page you can view basic information like health, attack points, and the

    object's code. An object's code is like its DNA

    only simpler. Once you have the thing's code you can change it. An

    example would be at one point in the adventure where you come across a

    writer who has an illness that makes him very weak. Once you hit him

    with your book you can see the part of his code that's making him sick.

    You can then remove that part of the code and attach it to an enemy's

    code to make every enemy of that type weaker. As soon as the piece of

    code is removed the writer suddenly has a miraculous recovery. It would

    also work with a weapon, such as a sword that, when used, poisons any

    enemy it touches."

    From Wikipedia

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  • Got problem with text glitch? use ngzoomer on no$gba...btw this game totaly awsome...

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  • If you want other opinions, 1up isn't really thrilled with the game:

    "As with so many boldly innovative games, Avalon proves that the main downside to new and untested ideas is that they've yet to be refined into something that works smoothly. There's a lot of quality content here for anyone with the patience to suffer through the clumsy implementation in which it's presented. Yet despite these incentives, Avalon ultimately feels like a promising prototype for a brilliant game that has yet to be created". C+

    but i am downloading anyways :-)))) been waiting for this since...ever

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  • just got this game. all i can say is, wow. i looked at it on the shelve and was iffy on it. now that i have played a good bit of the game i love it. when you start out, getting use to the battle control is different but easy to catch on.
    this is not a stereotypical rpg battle wise. you can take monsters attrubutes off and stick them on your weapons. now that my friends is alchemy at its finest.

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  • The gameplay looks rather unique. I'm really interested in how the book is used in gameplay.

    I tried the Japanese version for a bit, but I ended up not getting to far. Decided it would be best to wait. Also any anti-piracy measures use in this?

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  • Does it have an anti piracy measure?

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  • I'm just wondering, but this game's Japanese version was 128 mb.

    The ENglish version is signicantly less, why is that? Is there a problem? Or is this a new way of compressing?

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  • Must be compression or something thats why its smaller... its like patching... the game file becomes smaller when patched most of the time or all the time i think..

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  • Doesn't seem like there's any anti-piracy measures, played a bit and saved the game fine.

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  • Thanks for the info mistressarcana :-D

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  • Not sure why it says 63mb, it really is 128mb uncompressed, 108mb trimmed.

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  • Sweet, no piracy measures. I read reviews on review sites, I only check the messages here to see if there is anything extra I need to do to play...that's what these boards are great for.

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  • It's a fun and detailed game, so if you like messing around with a lot of codes it's great. I love the relationship aspect as well. :)

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  • The system used in this game is awsome and now that its in english it will be easier for us to understand rather than spending hours stuck on one bit. Overall good game and no anti piracy measures

    "If at first you don't succed you fail."

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