Full Name 0022 - Super Mario 64 DS (E)(M5).7z
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Very good game. also extra stars :)
This is a must have 4 any ds owner
Nice i payed for this beffore but its always better on r4 ^\_^
I played this before, its so cool cuz its different than other ds games, i mean that its 3D and stuff. a must for ds owners:)
I loved it, despite some changes to the game, it lives up to the N64 version and is enjoyable all round
Hey i loved the game ! :) its was awsome i agree with other comments its ads owners must have game ! :)
IT RULES! also i can rub it in my friends face because he has been wanting this game for ages
Really really awesome game there is at least 125 stars and i got 122 (heres some tips to unlock Luigi you have to go to the haunted house and beat king boo it isn't a star so u get nothing but Luigi and lets not forget wario to unlock him go to the mirror room as Luigi and take a flower power and run through the mirror and go to warios picture) took me really long time to finish the game completely!