Full Name 0367 - Metroid Prime Hunters (U).7z
Filesize 38.0 MB
Region USA
Downloads 17350
Can Download No


Can anyone upload the demo version? I only want the game to play bite sized battles against the bots.
Why upload the demo? didnt your DS already come with that? oh and this game is best with multiplayer... single player is mediocre to say the least
Can you even play multiplayer on emulators?
In my opinion this game is the best first person shooter but its not fun on multi player because too many people use cheats
Does this game support online??
Definitely sets the standards for FPS gaming on the DS. love it, though i also recommend Bionicle Heroes.
I love this game
This game has absolutely incredible multiplayer action. and the story mode is fun too.
Too many cheaters online. The only way to beat a cheater is to become a cheater, and therefore hypocrytically become what you are trying to destroy. Its a good game though, just wished Nintendo had some decent anti-cheat systems online. Single player is pretty good, but very short, the multiplayer is great, but as I said, too many cheaters. This is the only FPS on DS that actually feels like a real FPS.