Full Name 0434 - New Super Mario Bros. (U).7z
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Region USA
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Not as great as past 2d mario games. This game strives for simplicities in graphics and gameplay. It tries too hard, imo, to be like the original mario bros. game.
I like this game, its got the awesome gameplay of 2D side-scrolling Mario games, I LOVE THIS! THIS IS A MUST HAVE!
This is a good mix of 2d and 3d i like this... a exelent remake of super mario bros
You can't say you have a DS without this game, and it's pretty fun. But I beat it in two days. I prefer the older Gameboy versions more, but this better be in your collection if you have a DS. It's just an unspoken rule.
It's an awesome game!I ike it so much!
Good use of the touch screen in this game...
If the beta didn't change,we will have mega koopas,mega goombas and mega dry bones. next time nintendo!NEXT TIME! >:(
The classic is reborn!