Full Name 0820 - Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney - Justice For All (U).7z
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Region USA
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Justice For All is easily one of the best games on the DS. The story is refreshing and interesting and game play is different. :)
Justice For All is one of the best games for the DS hands down. It offers a challenge and it's fun to play in my opinion.
I've been looking all over for this game, but it was nowhere to be found. Thank goodness for NDS emulation! Thanks for the upload. :)
Just as good as the first Phoenix Wright albeit lacking the extra case the first game had which made use of the DS's unique hardware), it's just as engaging, exciting and addicting. The only area it comes short in is it's soundtrack, while still excellent, I don't find it as amazing as the first or third Phoenix Wright soundtracks.
The soundtrack in first and third is a lot better. i guess that's the only downpart of this game.lol
I love this game i also like to lick some of the big @!$^# &*^&*^. They feel sooo goood on my $$\%@$.
Maya fey ->
Is this game sometimes use microphone too??????