Full Name 1491 - Bleach - The Blade of Fate (U).rar
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This game is excellent. Doesn't have too many combos, but is challenging enough to be fun. This game's story is also pretty shorty, but there are some paths that you can choose from depending on how you play each match and is a big plus in terms of replay value. This game can also go on Nintendo WFC. So you can play against players worldwide. If you can't, however, you can still challenge other people locally. Not sure if this game has Single Card play though. Overall, a good 2D fighting game to play out the mountain of DS games that are available out there.
I think its a good game if you like bleach and fighting games. Its a little confusing but you will get used to it pretty fast overall I give it a 7/10.
Saw my friends playing this at school. Really fun when I played it.
So far I'm playing... (+) Full dubbed characters (even for unnecessary character --> Bonnie) Easy to play, not just an ordinary fighting game Excellent for Bleach lovers (including me) (-) Short game time (even with 23 missions) Easy character unlocking Low res
Just download the v1.13 update. GOogle it, sorry I forgot the link. This game is really fun I'd like to add, I'm not a fan of Bleach or many many other animes but I liked this game.
Very simple, few taps on the touch screen, along with some random barrage of button presses seems to get this game really popular. Along with WiFi play, DS Download play, etc...
If you've never seen Bleach, this is a good game. If you've seen Bleach, this is a great game. (Other than the fact that you probably already know the story line)
I've noticed my game completely locks up on the download play screen, can I fix that by just redownloading? And if I do, can I keep my save file?