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Full Name 2982 - Metal Slug 7 (U).7z
Filesize 35.4 MB
Region USA
Downloads 20039
Can Download Yes


@seaueap Yes but you will rename it to the inglish file
Love this game. always number one favorite when i visit the arcade. and by the way, for level 3, to activate the lever press the y button a few times.
Good game upset there is no multi-player only made it misssion 7(i think). bosses are fun and for easy you have infin ammo for machinegun (2nd fav wepon) and then for normal and hard you get infin for the a hudge fan of metal slug the only problum with the story line is that it tell you nothing about whats going on.Normal and hard you use gernades a ton and easy you barly use anything but spam a button. there are veicals just not as common as the others.
This game is awsome:} I do not see why some people do not like it....... -ace1o1's brother
Great classic, brings back good memories. Although, the lack of multiplayer irks me. That was the best part of Metal Slug and it was mainly why I liked the game so much in the first place.
This game is GREAT but has only 7 levels (WTF! too short)
classic game always very interesting to play, more and more choose softraiser and play well in desmume on pc