Full Name 3517 - Grand Theft Auto - Chinatown Wars (U)(M5).7z
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Region USA
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I just completed the first mission good first mission too, ramming the police
Yeah.. finding odd things [starts with dil ends in do, and used condoms] in dumpsters, some of the scenes, and all the drugs make this NOT kid friendly... dont know how the person rating this kid friendly thinks that... fun game for mature audiences though
Game works on acekard 2i witrh AKAIO but Wifi and multiplayer dont work, i have the lates firmware btw
yes it is a pity
I really wish i could use it my ds is broken *uber sad* everytime i tip it to a side it freezes and my L/R button dont work :(
This game will have to be... THE BEST!! I mean, it's like most GTA games, but you get that kind of oomph in it. I think they did a really great job in making this game and I give it 8.5/10 Rubber Chickens (8.5/10 Stars)
Well Rockstar North have done it and made a gr8 GTA game on NDS it's worth the money
I heard by a lot of ppl that this game sucks and it kinda does