Full Name Dragonball Z Budokai 2 (U)(REACT0R).7z
Filesize 875.6 MB
Region USA
Downloads 69829
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Yes. Game is epic.
The comment above me says everything there is to say about this game. :D
This was my first ps2 game and it made me fall in love with dbz sereis and games now im hooked LOL
wow! used to play this in the ps2.. craving and now DLing. simple yet addictive game for dbz fans.
Wow this game is kinda big compared to the other games,btw is this for game cube :O?
This is a great game..Especially if you own it for gamecube. I spent forever trying to get dolphin to play it at full speed.And i only got close to playable.
maverse, try running it on Direct3d plugin instead of the openGL. i run it on max speeds with a sucky PC. fps never dips below 40 so its very smooth with sound all on. oh btw here are my specs for reference: athlon x2 5000 2.6GHz 3gb 667 ram nvidia 9200 1.8GB shared vmem